NSF Research.gov Proposal Endpoint Changes

Cayuse was proud to be the first vendor partner of NSF’s Research.gov and has been able to submit proposals to Research.gov since 2010, but we recently learned from NSF that they will be unable to support the new submission endpoint required by Grants.gov to handle large submissions until much later this year.  To minimize disruption for our customers, we are focusing on the Grants.gov endpoint which has always run in parallel with the Research.gov endpoint.  When NSF is ready, we will revisit the ability to submit to via Research.gov.

We understand that institutions may need to change some of their institutional guidance regarding Research.gov until the NSF has upgraded their endpoint. The following FAQs are intended to help you assist your users during this transition.

Research.gov Endpoint FAQs

What is the issue with Research.gov submissions?

NSF will be unable to support the new submission endpoint to handle large submissions on Research.gov until after October, 2013.

What is the difference between the endpoints?

Each endpoint uses a certain version of the submission protocol. V0 allowed only Single-Project submissions. V1 allowed Single-Project and Multi-Project submissions.  In V2.0, the web service supports large submissions for Single-Project and Multi-Project.  Cayuse 424 is ready to use v2.0 now, the NIH will be ready by September, 2013 and NSF will have to be ready by December, 2013 at the latest.

Can I still use Cayuse 424 for my NSF proposals?

Yes. You will need to use the Grants.gov FOA instead of the Research.gov FOA, and your proposal submission will receive a GRANT tracking number instead of the RGOV tracking number.

How does this affect my current proposals under development?

Proposals under development can be submitted via Research.gov until 6pm ET (for Eastern customers) or 6pm PT (for all other customers) on February 22nd. Customers will receive a notice from Cayuse regarding the time of the upgrade introducing the change. After the upgrade, proposals will need to be transformed to the equivalent Grants.gov FOA for submission. 

How can I tell if my submission target is Research.gov or Grants.gov?

In your Cayuse 424 proposal, click the Electronic Submission icon  and look for the Submission Target field, where you will see a web address. If that web address has “research.gov” in it, you may need to transform your proposal to the Grants.gov equivalent FOA for submission.  The transformation process should take less than one minute to complete.

How will this impact my proposal submissions?

In Cayuse 424, your proposal submission will receive a GRANT tracking number instead of the RGOV tracking number and they will take longer than 5 minutes to appear on FastLane.

Can I use FastLane for preparing and submitting my proposals?

Yes, if that is your preferred institutional method.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact contact Support and we will be happy to work with you to address them.