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Product Support Manager

Desiree Gregory

Picture of Desiree Desiree Gregory is the Research Suite Product Support Manager for Evisions in Portland, Oregon. She brings 20 years of customer service and training experience to the Research Suite team, including ten years in the Software as a Service industry. She has a talent and a passion for breaking down complex information and making it clear. Originally from Delaware, she has lived in Portland for 11 years and currently resides near the idyllic St. Johns Bridge with her new husband and her English Bulldog puppy, Veronica. When she is not crusading to make the world a more understandable place, Desiree spends her time gardening, taking walks with Veronica, and constructing costumes for local theater productions.

Technical Support Specialist

Stephen Weaver

Stephen Weaver is a Technical Support Specialist for the Research Suite Team in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from University of Portland with a degree in History and providing support as an AppleCare Representative for nine months, he joined the Evisions team. When not taking phone calls, he is working internally on new webinar trainings and updating the documentation for Cayuse 424. A Portland native, in his spare time Stephen enjoys tinkering with electronics, playing video games and exploring Portland's never-ending brewery and winery scene with his girlfriend.

Technical Support Specialist

Carlee Connet

As Technical Support Specialist,  Carlee brings with her more than 15 years of experience in customer service, technical support, quality assurance, and product development. Having worked in a variety of industries, including software development, Carlee has developed a terrier-like mentality when resolving issues as well as a friendly, approachable manner with people of all skills and experience.  Carlee is a fifth-generation Oregonian and a retired drag racer and abused horse retrainer.   When not otherwise engaged, Carlee spends her free time working on a mystery/whodunit book and playing mechanic to her '74 Super Beetle.

Technical Support Specialist

Jeff Verret

Jeff Verret is the latest addition to the Research Suite team as a Technical Support Specialist.  He brings with him over 15 years of IT experience in SaaS administration, Network administration, SQL administration, error analysis, application customization and support.  Jeff strives to have others excited to be working with him the best way he knows how, by producing outstanding results.  Jeff has lived in Oregon since his days at Oregon State University and when not immersed in the Research Suite world he enjoys cooking for his family and friends and trying to make sure his young twin children only traumatize their pets and neighbors as little as absolutely necessary.