Submitting a Proposal for Routing

The proposal creator or any member of the Research Team can submit a proposal record for routing in Cayuse SP. A proposal record can only be routed when all sections in the Item List have green check marks.

To submit a proposal record for routing:

  1. Click My Proposals on the Proposal Dashboard.
  2. On the Unsubmitted Proposals tab, click the proposal number that is ready to be routed.
  3. Click Submit for Routing beneath the Item List on the left side of the screen. If you get an error when you click this button, the proposal cannot be routed yet. Check the Item List and complete the necessary sections.
  4. Read the Submission Confirmation statement to understand what will happen when the proposal record is submitted for routing. Click Yes to acknowledge the submission certification.

If you find that you've made a mistake and need to make changes to the proposal, you can have a Cayuse SP System Adminstrator set the proposal back to the Unsubmitted status for you, or you can ask the first Departmental approver to reject it, which will put it in Reopened status. Reopened is similar to Unsubmitted in that you will be able to edit the proposal while it is Reopened.