Certifying a Proposal

As an Investigator, your main role in routing is to certify the proposal.

The Lead PI and other PIs must certify the proposal during the routing process. They are notified via a system-generated email when a proposal record requires certification. In Cayuse SP, the Lead PI and Principal Investigator both have the authority to certify, but only one certification is necessary.

To review and certify a proposal record:

  1. From your PI Certification Inbox, click the proposal number on the To be Certified tab.
  2. Review the proposal by clicking the PDF icon to the right of the proposal number in the upper part of the screen, or by clicking the proposal number, then clicking View IPF on the Proposal Routing Status screen.
  3. To perform your certification after review, click Certify Proposal on the Proposal Routing Status screen.
  4. Enter any comments you have regarding the proposal (optional). These will be visible to the Research Team, proposal reviewers, and the Central Admin Office.
  5. Click Submit Certification to acknowledge the certification statement.