Authorizing or Rejecting a Proposal

IPF Approvers (Deans, Chairs, Directors, or their designees) are notified via a system-generated email when a proposal record requires authorization. Departments/schools/colleges/centers must authorize in the routing order specified on the proposal record. Only one authorization is required at each level. After all departments have authorized, the proposal record is assigned to the Central Admin Office for review.

To review and authorize a proposal record:

  1. From your Dept Approval Inbox, click the proposal number on the To Be Authorized tab.
  2. Review the proposal by clicking the PDF icon to the far right of the proposal number, or by clicking the proposal number, then clicking View IPF on the Proposal Routing Status screen.
  3. Click Authorize Proposal or Reject Proposal on the Proposal Routing Status screen.
  4. Enter any comments you have regarding the proposal. This field is required for rejections. Your comments will be visible to the Research Team, proposal reviewers, and the Central Admin Office.
  5. Click Submit Authorization or Submit Rejection to acknowledge the authorization statement.

When you reject a proposal, it receives the status Reopened, and the Research team and creator will be able to edit it and resubmit it for routing.