Submitting a Request

Anyone who has access to a proposal can submit a Pre-Award Spending Request for the proposal. Usually these requests are submitted by an investigator or departmental administrator (someone with Proposal Data Access in the department).

To submit a Pre-Award Spending Request, access the Proposal Routing Status screen for a submitted proposal through your My Proposals or Proposals in My Dept dashboard.

The proposal must be in one of the following statuses in order to submit a Pre-Award Spending Request:

  • PS Review
  • Proposal Approved
  • JIT Request Received
  • JIT Request Approved
  • Submitted to Sponsor
  • Under Award Negotiation
  • Pending Award
  • Funded/Preliminary
  • Funded
  1. Click the Pre-Award Spending tab in the Proposal Routing Functions:
  2. Click Add Pre-Award Spending Request to Proposal. A Pre-Award Spending window will appear.
    • For the Description of Assurances of Funding, enter any documentation you have received from the sponsor that describes a guarantee of funding. This may be a telephone conversation, email, or other document that is copied and pasted into the text box.
    • If the Account is associated with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) or "Stimulus" funding (as indicated in the FOA), select Yes under that question.
    • In Type of Account, specify whether the preliminary funds will be distributed into a single account (New Account) or multiple accounts (New Account w/ Multiple Subs).
    • The Project Contact is the Research Assistant or Departmental Administrator who will serve as the primary contact for Accounting.
  3. Click Submit Pre-Award Spending Request for Processing.

An email notification will be sent to the Pre-Award Spending Approvers for the administering department and school. One Pre-Award Spending Approver from each of the department and the school must electronically authorize the Pre-Award Spending Request in the Pre-Award Spending Inbox.