Within Cayuse SP, your Dashboards provide fast access to proposals, awards, and routing certifications or approvals.

You'll always see the links in the upper navigation bar, and can go Home to see all your dashboards.

  • My Dashboard: Dropdown menu allowing you to quickly view, track, and authorize items assigned to you. Clicking on the main My Dashboard link takes you to My Proposals.
  • Reporting: View reports on proposal and award activity, including funding rates, awards by department, PI, or sponsor, and other categories.
  • Logout: Exit SP.

If you have any administrative roles, in addition to these items you'll also see an Admin item. This item allows you to view or manage additional proposals, awards, and users in SP according to your role.

When you're on your Home, you'll see your Dashboards listed on the left side of the screen:

These links also appears while you are navigating between Dashboards, giving you quick access to relevant proposals, awards, and approvals.

Whenever you see a person's name in SP as a link, if you click on the link, you can see the person's contact information.