Linking with a Cayuse 424 Proposal (v2.4)

This page describes the pairing (linking) behavior for Research Suite 2.4.x and earlier. If you are using Research Suite 3.0, consult the main documentation.

Proposal records developed in Cayuse SP may be paired with proposals in Cayuse 424. To ensure proper linking, you must begin building the proposal in SP. After clicking Start New Proposal on the Proposal Dashboard, SP asks for basic information about the project. Click "Create paired Cayuse 424 proposal" beneath the submission method. Once the General Info page is saved, the Cayuse 424 Proposal page appears on the Item List in SP. The Cayuse 424 Proposal link launches the paired 424 proposal. The only information currently shared between SP and 424 is the proposal number. This identifier links the proposals together, but no data is exchanged. When the proposals are linked, routing in 424 is turned off and handled completely through SP. The actual proposal is submitted to via 424.

Cayuse SP assigns permissions to the paired 424 proposal based upon the user's role in SP and the routing state of the proposal record. For more information about permissions on the paired 424 proposal, please see Integration with Cayuse 424 in the Cayuse SP System Admin Manual.

From the Cayuse SP proposal record:

  • To create a new paired proposal in 424: Click "Cayuse 424 Proposal" in the Item List. On the Create Proposal dialog, choose, Other Proposal, or Subaward Proposal. If you choose, select an opportunity number on the following screen. Proceed to enter the Proposal Name, PI, Organization, Number of Budget Periods, and Validation Type. Saving this information will create the 424 proposal. You may return to the saved 424 proposal at any time. Navigate to a different page in the proposal record to see a green check mark next to the Cayuse 424 Proposal page. A green check mark indicates the 424 proposal has been started. To remove the green check mark, an SP administrator would need to remove the Proposal Number from the Summary page in 424.

    NOTE: The Proposal Summary in Cayuse 424 will read "deleted in SP" if the paired SP proposal record is deleted.

  • To modify a paired 424 proposal in progress: Click "Cayuse 424 Proposal" in the Item List.

For assistance with 424 proposal development, please see the Cayuse 424 User Reference Manual.