Cayuse SP offers three types of Dashboards: Proposal, Award, and Certification/Approval. Proposal dashboards allow you to view, create, and edit proposals and related items. Award dashboards allow you to view awards and related items. Finally, Certification/Approval Dashboards are where you find proposals currently being routed for approval and submission to the sponsor.

If you use Cayuse SP primarily as a PI or researcher, you will find My Proposals, My Awards, and the PI Certification Inbox most useful. These Dashboards show proposals or awards you have created or are named on as a member of the research team, and proposals you need to certify so that they can complete routing and be submitted to the sponsor.

If you are a departmental user (such as a Department Chair, Dean, or departmental administrator) you'll find Proposals in My Dept, Awards in My Dept, and the Dept Approval Inbox more useful to you. These Dashboards show proposals and awards originating in a given department or proposals where the department is named, such as those that must be approved by a departmental IPF Approver to be submitted to the sponsor. To see proposals or awards under the Proposals in My Dept or Awards in My Dept dashboards,  you must have Proposal or Award Data Access for a department. Otherwise, you'll see proposals you need to approve in the Dept Approval Inbox.

You can also use the Dashboard to start a new proposal, or to authorize preliminary award requests if you are a Pre-Award Spending Approver.