Pairing with a Cayuse 424 Proposal

Proposal records developed in Cayuse SP may be paired with proposals in Cayuse 424. We recommend beginning to build the proposal in Cayuse SP so that pairing is easy and straightforward, but proposals can be paired after creation as well.

When the proposals are linked, routing in 424 is turned off and routing is handled through SP. If the proposal is a federal proposal, the Cayuse 424 proposal is the one that is submitted to

After clicking Start New Proposal on the Proposal Dashboard, SP asks for basic information (General Info) about the project. After you have entered the basic information, you’ll see three options for paired proposals at the bottom of the screen. During proposal creation, only one of these options is active: Create a Paired Proposal.

Creating a Paired Cayuse 424 Proposal

Once you have filled out all the basic information required to create your proposal, select Create a Paired Proposal. This will send you to Cayuse 424 to create a 424 proposal that will be paired with your SP proposal. Depending on your settings, Cayuse 424 will open in a new window or tab, and the proposal creation dialog will appear in a new window on top of it. You should complete the proposal creation in 424 before returning to your original Cayuse window or tab.

The Cayuse SP Proposal’s Short Project Name becomes the Cayuse 424 proposal’s Proposal Name, and the Sponsor Deadline is the Due Date. This information is carried over from Cayuse SP for your convenience, and you can change it as you would for any Cayuse 424 proposal. This will not affect the linkage between the proposals. Select any other relevant information and click Create Proposal. For more information on filling out the relevant information, see Proposal Information in the Cayuse 424 User Reference Manual.

Once you have completed the proposal creation in Cayuse 424, you’ll see your newly-created proposal, with the pairing icon shown at the top next to the proposal name.

You can edit the proposal in 424 after it is created. For information on proposal development, see Managing Proposals.

If you change your mind and decide you don’t want to create a paired proposal right now, click Cancel in the Cayuse 424 proposal creation dialog, and close the Cayuse 424 tab or window. Then return to the original Cayuse SP tab or window and click Cancel on the popup dialog regarding Cayuse 424 proposal creation.

If you know that there is already an existing Cayuse 424 proposal for your SP proposal, you should fill out the General Info page and Save the proposal. You will then be able to select Pair with a 424 Proposal and complete the process of pairing with an existing Cayuse 424 proposal.