Investigators/ Research Team

To build a Research Team, use the Add Personnel Information section to add people to the proposal with the appropriate roles and effort.

To add a person, click the magnifying glass next to Last Name. This brings up a window where you can search for the person by last name. When you find them, click on their name to fill their information into the fields. The Department field will automatically fill with the person's home department, but if you need to assign them to another department for this work, you can use the magnifying glass to search for and select a different department.

The first person you add should be the person responsible for the technical, regulatory and financial aspects of the project, and that person will have the role Lead Principal Investigator. Exactly one person on the proposal must have this role before the proposal can be successfully submitted for routing.

Add the effort information:

  • * Sponsored Effort %: The individual's total effort in the initial or current budget period. Enter "0" (zero) if this figure does not apply.
  • Cost Shared Effort %: The portion of the individual's total effort that will be cost shared. If the proposal does not make use of cost shared effort, you may leave this field blank.
  • Allocation of Credit %: This field should be used in accordance with your institutional policy regarding allocating credit. One common use is that the departmental F&A return will be distributed per the allocation of credit. If your institution does not use this field, you may leave it blank.
  • * Person Months: The individual's involvement in Person Months. Enter "0" (zero) if this figure does not apply.

Then click Save Personnel. The person will be added to the proposal. Subsequent people can be added with other roles:

  • Investigator: This individual is considered to be a primary contributor to the successful conduct of a research project; any person who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research.
  • Principal Investigator: This role should only be selected if the sponsor allows multiple PIs. Other roles that may fall under this designation include: Research Scientist, Research Specialist, Research Associate, or Scholar.
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate: This individual has received a doctoral degree and serves on the research project.
  • Fellow: This individual is a student, pre or postdoc, applying for a fellowship or support for dissertation research whose mentor is the Lead Principal Investigator on this proposal.
  • Graduate Research Assistant: A post baccalaureate student who serves on the project.
  • Clinical Research Coordinator: This individual has significant responsibility for the conduct of a human subjects study. Responsibilities may include study subject recruitment, arranging subject visits, informed consent, regulatory documents, case report forms, and meeting with study monitors.
  • Project Manager: An individual is identified in this role on a limited basis such as on program project grants or on a clinical trial.
  • Technical Staff: This individual performs standardized or routine measurements, analyses or procedures in support of the research project.
  • Undergraduate Student: This role defines an undergraduate student who does not meet the definition of Fellow.
  • Administrative Contact: This individual has proposal edit rights, but is not named on the budget (e.g., department contract and grant manager).
  • Administrative Assistant: This role is used on a limited basis on eligible funding opportunities, for example, program project or state contracts.
  • Proposal Editor: Grants simultaneous permissions equal to the Proposal Creator in the SP record and 424 record.
  • Other Key Participant: This designation accommodates project participants whose role title differs from those above. After selecting Other Key Participant, a field labeled "Role Title" appears beneath the Role. Enter the participant's custom title into the Role Title field. The participant's department will be included in the routing list on the Approving Departments screen.
  • Other Participant (no routing): This designation serves the same purpose as Other Key Participant, except that the participant's department is excluded from the routing list on the Approving Depts screen.

There should be exactly one Lead PI on the proposal at all times. Other Investigators may have the Principal Investigator or Investigator roles. This section will not be considered completed until there is exactly one Lead PI.

List of Personnel

This area shows personnel who have already been added. Click Edit to make changes to a person's entry, or Remove to remove them from the proposal.

Personnel with the Lead Principal Investigator and all Principal Investigator roles will receive an electronic notification to certify their role on this project prior to submission to the sponsor.