Approving Departments

This section of the proposal represents the list of Departments, Centers, or Schools that must approve the proposal before it can be routed to the Central Admin Office.

List of Approving Departments

The List of Approving Departments is created automatically from the units added during the proposal creation process. The Award Admin Dept (shown as Award Dept) is always listed first and cannot be changed or removed. Other departments may be added because a member of the Research Team is from that department, or as a result of being an Affiliated Center or Institute. The list shows why a given department was added in the Role(s) column.

If you see "Rollup from" in the Roles column, and you don't think that department should be included, contact your Central Admin Office.

Setting the Routing Order

The routing order for the listed departments can be changed by changing the number in the dropdown box to the left, under Routing Order. It can be made sequential or concurrent; that is, you could have the order 1, 2, 3, 4 if the departments must approve in a strict order, or 1, 2, 2, 4 if the middle two could approve at the same time. If a department is currently #4 and you want it to be #2, simply select 2 and click out of the selection box. After a few seconds, the department list will re-order automatically.

Modifying the Department List

You can add additional departments by clicking the magnifying glass icon under Add Approving Department and choosing from the alphabetical list. The department will be added with the role Other Approving.

If a department has a Remove link next to the role, you can remove it by clicking the link. (To edit a listing, remove and re-add it.) This is generally only possible if it has been added as Other Approving. Other departments are mandatory approvers.

If one of the departments is incorrect, note the Role(s) listed for the department. You will need to edit or remove and re-add the Research Team member or department with that role in order to modify the routing list.

You may need to refresh your browser screen if you have made changes to your routing chain.

Authorizing the Department List

To authorize the list and complete this section, click Authorize Department Listing. Do not authorize the list until you are comfortable that it is correct. If you don't think a department should be included, contact your Central Admin Office.