Budget (v2.4)

This page describes the budget behavior for Research Suite 2.4.x and earlier. If you are using Research Suite 3.0, consult the main documentation.



Initial/Current Budget Period

  • * Begin Date: The start date for the initial period or first year of the project. Click the calendar graphic next to the field to select the date.
  • * End Date: The completion date of the initial period or first year of the project.
  • Direct: The estimated direct costs for the first budget year of the project. Commas should not be used in this field.
  • F&A Base (or Modified Total Direct Costs [MTDC]): Consists of all salaries and wages, fringe benefits, materials and supplies, services, travel and subcontracts up to $25,000 of each subcontract, regardless of the period covered by the subcontract. F&A Base shall exclude equipment (an item costing greater than $5,000), capital expenditures, and charges for patient care and tuition remission, rental costs of off-site facilities, scholarships, and fellowships as well as the portion of each subcontract in excess of $25,000. Mandatory in-state tuition for eligible GRAs on research grants must be excluded from the F&A cost base for each budget year.
  • F&A Rate: The F&A rate defaults to the current Organized Research rate, but may be changed by clicking "Change Rate."
  • F&A Amount: Click "Calculate Amt" to obtain the product of the F&A Base and the F&A Rate. If necessary, this field may be edited manually.
  • F&A Base/Rate/Amount 2: Use the second F&A fields to accommodate changes during the grant year versus federally negotiated year or to capture the fixed fees associated with contracts. They may also be used in the instance where a project involves multiple sites, usually to include another state.
  • Initial Funds Req: This field may either be calculated by clicking "Calculate Total" or changed manually.

Total Period/Total Request

Enter the corresponding information for the Total Period.

Cost Sharing or Cash Matching (initial/current budget period)

* Does this proposal include funds or contributions in the form of required cost sharing or required cash matching? Please indicate whether this proposal commits the institution, the Department/Institute, and/or a subcontractor to provide cost sharing or cash matching in support of this project. All cost sharing must be documented in accordance with established criteria. The Lead Principal Investigator and his or her Department Chair must concur with and commit to any cost shared resources.

  • If yes, add a Cost Sharing/Cash Matching Unit: Please enter the expected cost share amount and the expected cost share account.
  • If yes, check all the appropriate type(s) that apply:
    • Agency Mandated: Cost sharing that is required either by federal statute or established by sponsor policy. The costs are documented and are necessary and reasonable for proper and efficient accomplishment of project objectives.
    • Voluntary (Mandatory if Awarded): Cost sharing which is not required by federal statute or sponsor policy, or which is in excess of any such stated requirements and is volunteered to substantively demonstrate the collective university commitment to a project.
  • F&A: The PI elects to provide cost sharing by charging less than the full indirect cost rate applicable to the project. This type of cost sharing may require F&A rate reduction approval by your Central Admin Office.
  • In-Kind: Normally encountered in public service-oriented projects involving the contribution of services from outside the institution. Such services might be donated by student tutors, private M.D.s, dentists, volunteers, etc., or consist of property donated by non-federal third parties. Although the institution does not pay for such services, these must be documented and should, at a minimum, entail a record of dates and time donated by the individual.
  • Matching: Involves an institutional contribution of funds specifically appropriated for and allocated to the project. The allocation and billing of project cost is processed in accordance with the agreement such as 75% federal and 25% non-federal.
  • Salary Cap: A mandatory form of cost sharing whereby a sponsor (typically NIH) limits the salary payable to a PI.
  • Other: Use this field to describe other types of Cost Sharing or Cash Matching.

* Are you requesting the Dean, Chair or Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development provide funds to support this proposal? Please indicate whether this proposal commits the institution or a subcontractor to provide cost sharing or cash matching in support of this project.


  • * Do you need new additional resources to do this project over and above what is requested in the proposal budget?
    • If yes, check any that apply, and provide justification for each in the space provided. Also indicate if approvals from your (or other) department(s) have been obtained.