Understanding Awards and Projects

Award and Project Relationships

During the pre-award phase, there is only a standalone Proposal record. After the proposal is awarded, data on the Award, any Subcontracts, and the Award's Accounts has to be organized and tracked. In SP, information about Awards and related records is stored in a Project.

The post-award hierarchy in Cayuse SP consists of Projects, Awards, Subcontracts, and Accounts (Distributions). The following diagram illustrates the relationship between the various types of records in SP.

As you can see from the diagram, a proposal is connected to a project through an award. Although proposals do have a "Parent Project" field in their General Info section, this field is informational, and is often used to hold a previous, related proposal. For a proposal to be connected to a project, it must have been funded and the award linked to the proposal.

Here's an example of a Project with Awards, Accounts, and a Subcontract:

  • Project: Techniques for Dementia Detection
    • Subcontract: $60,000
    • Award: $217,600.00
      • Account (Prime): $217,600.00
    • Award: $305,900.00
      • Account (Prime): $145,200
      • Account (Sub): $100,700
      • Account (Sub): $60,000

Reading Project, Award, and Subcontract Numbers

The Project number is the basis for the associated Award and Subcontract numbers. Project Numbers are formatted as AXX-XXXX (a Project was formerly known as an Award Project). Award numbers consist of the project number plus an -XXX suffix. Subcontracts ad an SXXX suffix, with an additional AXX suffix for amendments. An example is shown below that should help you understand the record numbers and relationships.

Sample Project: A11-1262

  • A = Award
  • 11 = Fiscal year
  • 1262 = Sequential project number

The fiscal year is determined by the Project Begin Date and your institution's fiscal year rollover date. For example, if your Project Begin Date is 9/1/2011, and your rollover date is 7/1, then the project would be assigned the FY prefix 12, while a project with a Begin Date of 5/1/2011 would have FY prefix 11.

Sample Award: A11-1262-001

  • A11-1262 = Project number
  • 001 = Sequential award number (001 is the first award created under the project, 002 is the second, and so on)

Sample Subcontract: A11-1262-S001-A01

  • A11-1262 = Project number
  • S001 = Sequential subcontract number (S001 is the first subcontract, S002 is the second, and so on)
  • A01 = Sequential amendment number (A01 is the first amendment, A02 the second, and so on)