Distributions and Accounts

A Distribution of funds is the connection between an Award and an Account. Distributions are shown on the Distributions tab of the Award:

Money from the Award amount is distributed into different accounts as appropriate for the award.

The Account record stores information relevant to your institution's process for tracking Sponsored Projects spending. To view the Account information, click the Account Number on the Distributions screen (in the example, 22-A) to see the Account Details screen:

The Account Type indicates whether the account is the primary one on the Award (Prime) or a secondary (Sub).

Accounts can have four statuses:

  • Active: Active account.
  • Frozen / Inactive: Account is frozen to prevent expenditures. This occurs when the account is in the process of being closed out or the research is shut down.
  • Preliminary: Used for Pre-Award Spending. A post-award administrator converts the account to Active when the award notice arrives.
  • Set-Up in Progress: Account is currently in the process of being established and is not yet finalized.

If an Award has an Active, Prime account and the award's Official Report Date (date the award was issued) is within the last 90 days, the Award is considered Recent for inclusion in Dashboards.