Searching for Proposals

Searching For Proposals

If you don't know the status of a proposal, or are having a hard time finding it in the buckets, you can easily search for the proposal.

You can search for a proposal by:

  • Proposal Number
  • Investigator
  • Lead PI
  • Sponsor
  • Department
  • Project Title

You can also search by Sponsor-assigned proposal number, Legacy Proposal ID, attachment information, fiscal year, and whether the proposal uses Stimulus (ARRA) Funding.

(The Scan Barcode function is no longer used to search for proposals.)

For some search fields, you can use a partial search to return more matches. Proposal Number and Project Title both return results even if you can only remember part of the number or title.

Investigator or Lead PI, Sponsor, and Department use the Cayuse Backbone search to find the right people, sponsors, and departments at your institution, allowing you to use a partial search or select from a list.

Search Results

Most searches return results in a standard format that displays the basic information about the proposal and shows what you searched by. To sort by a particular column, click the column name. Click again to reverse the sort.

Click the proposal number (Proposal) in the search results to manage the proposal. If the proposal is paired with a Cayuse 424 proposal, you can click on the pairing icon to see the Cayuse 424 proposal.

If you didn't find what you were looking for, click Back above the Proposal Administration header.

Searching by Attachment

The Attachment search behaves differently from other proposal searches.

You can search by any combination of these criteria. Uploaded By uses the Cayuse Backbone to search for people. The results are returned in a slightly different format:

This makes it easy to see what part of your search found the relevant attachment. Again, click on the Proposal Number (Proposal No.) to manage the proposal. You'll land directly on the Attachments tab so you can see the attachment(s) you found.