Pairing Proposals

During creation, Cayuse SP proposals can be paired with Cayuse 424 proposals by both ordinary users with edit access to the proposal and Admins with edit access to the proposal.

Read-only admins may see the pairing functions, but may not modify the pairing unless they are named on the proposal. Cayuse 424 Pre-Award Admins with access to all proposals will be able to see and modify SP-424 proposal pairings, but will only have the other permissions in SP that their role allows them.

Once a proposal has been submitted for routing, the pairing cannot be modified. To modify the pairing of a submitted proposal, an Admin should:

  1. Find the proposal in a bucket or by searching.
  2. On the Proposal Administration page, click on the proposal's routing status to edit it.
  3. Set the proposal's status to Unsubmitted or Reopened.
  4. Change the proposal pairing.
  5. Restore the proposal to the appropriate routing status.