As an Admin in Cayuse SP, when you first log in, you see a screen very similar to a regular user's screen, including access to the Dashboards. If your institution uses a centralized model where Central Admin Office staff create proposals, then your My Proposals dashboard will serve as a convenient way to access those proposals that you have created. If you also serve as an IPF Approver for a department or school, the Dept Approval Inbox will be useful to you in routing proposals for that unit.

If you are accessing proposals through a dashboard, you'll arrive directly on the General Info screen of the proposal for Unsubmitted proposals, or the Routing Status screen for submitted proposals. You can click the Administer Proposal button to access the Proposal Admininstration functions. In the proposal, the button is located below the Item List:

On the Routing Status screen, it is just above the tabs:

However, most administrators will use the Admin menu to access administrative functions.

Most Admins will see the menu shown here (the Proposal Admin function is highlighted). This menu allows access to Proposal and Award administration functions, including the management of associated records such as projects and subcontracts.

If you are a Global (System) Admin, then you'll see the menu below:

This menu additionally allows you to manage other users' permissions, set up Program Administrators, and manage the behavior of the Cayuse SP email notification system. Database Logs are available in case you need to provide system information to Cayuse Support in the event of a problem.