Changing Email Addresses

To change the sender or recipients of an email notification, or edit the subject:

  1. On the Email Administration page, click any field (such as Template Name or Subject) for the email you want to change. A new window will open showing the parts of the email you can change:

  2. Enter revisions into the To:, CC:, BCC:, or From: fields on the General tab. Please note: you may not include line breaks in these fields. Do not enter a line break, only spaces and appropriate separators. Advanced users may enter tags (variables) into these fields that reference email addresses for the Proposal Creator, PI, Departmental Approvers, and other individuals. These tags are replaced with actual email addresses when the email is sent. Continue to Step 3 if you wish to incorporate tags. Otherwise, proceed to Step 9.
  3. Click Update at the bottom of the window before continuing. Navigating away from the current window in Email Admin will abort any changes made since the last save.
  4. Click Insert Tag to the right of the appropriate field. A new window will appear allowing you to choose a tag:

  5. Click "+" to the left of a table in the Choose a Tag column. This action will expand the table to reveal the possible tags that you can use. This list of tags is not filtered for items that are useful for email addresses, so you will need to select carefully.
  6. Locate the tag you wish to import. Click a fully expanded field (a field without a "+" or "-") to select the tag.
  7. Click Add Tag at the bottom of the window.
  8. The tag will populate into the appropriate sender or recipient field.
  9. Click Update before navigating to any other section of the Email Template.