Searching for Awards

When you're looking for Awards to take action on, if you're having trouble finding an Award in the buckets, you can search for the award.

Awards can be searched by:

  • Account Number
  • Project Number
  • Project Title
  • Lead PI
  • Department
  • Sponsor
  • Investigator

They can also be searched by other criteria such as Sponsor Award Number, Legacy Number, Attachments, and whether the project uses Stimulus Funding (ARRA).

Note that Project Number, Project Title, Department,  Sponsor, and Lead PI all use the project information in the search because the project is the master (or in some cases only) area where that information is stored. If you want to search for a Lead PI in an award that differs from one in the project, search by Investigator instead.

For some search fields, you can use a partial search to return more matches. Project Number, Account Number, and Project Title all return results even if you can only remember part of the number or title.

Investigator or Lead PI, Sponsor, and Department use the Cayuse Backbone search to find the right people, sponsors, and departments at your institution, allowing you to use a partial search or select from a list.

Search Results

Most searches return results for the Project associated with the relevant awards. The table displays basic information about the project and shows what you searched by. To sort by a particular column, click the column name. Click again to reverse the sort.

If you want to see the Project record, click the Project Number (Project No). If you want to find a particular award for the project, click the + icon to the left of a project to see the awards for that project, then click an award number to manage the award. You can also filter by Active projects, Inactive projects, or All projects in the upper right. An Active project is one whose End Date has not passed.

As for Proposal Search, the Attachment search for Awards functions differently, allowing you to select a variety of attachment criteria, and returns results in a different format:

The Award/Project/Acct No. field shows where the attachment was included: on the Award, Project, or Account. Click the link to visit the record. You can sort this table in the same way as the standard table.

For awards, the Account Number search also returns results in a different format, using a popup window:

This table cannot be sorted. Click on the Account Number, Project Number, or Award Number to go to the record.

Program Administrator Search

Use this function to locate the Program Administrator (Award Manager) for a given department. Click the magnifying glass to choose a department from Cayuse Backbone, and then click Search. The Program Administrator's contact information will display beneath the Search button. A search yielding no results indicates that a Program Administrator has not been assigned for that department. For assistance adding a Program Administrator, see Program Administrators.