Editing or Deleting an Award

Editing an Award

To edit the Award information on the General tab, simply change the values you need to update and click Save Award Details. If you haven't yet entered an Award Begin Date and Award End Date, you will need to do so in order to save the award, as these fields are required when making changes.

The Award Remarks here are not the same as Award Notes entered in the Notes tab, and will not show up there.

The Award Admin Dept for the award is pulled in from the Project at the time of Award creation, and cannot be edited within the award. If you need to edit this department, be sure to change the Award Admin Dept in the Project, then delete and re-create the award. If you cannot delete and re-create the award, contact Cayuse Support.

The Program Administrator shown in the top section of the Award information is the Award Manager designated for the listed Award Admin department. For more information, see Program Administrators.

If an Award has the Reporting Designation "Obligated", some fields in other areas, such as the associated proposals' status, cannot be changed. To change these, set the award's Reporting Designation to Anticipated, make the necessary changes, and then return the Reporting Designation to Obligated.

Use the Nest Award function to attach an obligated award to its anticipated counterpart.

Deleting an Award

If you are a Global Admin, you can delete the Award by clicking Delete Award. As with other deletions in SP, this is permanent, so be sure you intend to delete the Award before confirming.