Adding or Removing a Proposal

In the Proposals tab of an Award, you can see which proposals are linked to the award. If you need to add a link from an existing proposal to an existing award, where the award was mistakenly not linked to the proposal at the time of award creation, this is where you can add that link.

Adding a Proposal

You can add multiple proposals (usually renewals or amendments) to the same award by entering the proposal number into the Add Proposal Number fields and clicking Add Proposal to Award. You will be alerted if the Lead PI from a proposal differs from the Lead PI on the project the Award is associated with. Usually this means that one or the other needs to be updated, or that you have added the wrong proposal to the award.

Adding a Proposal to this tab will mark it as Funded.

Click a proposal number to administer the proposal record.

Removing a Proposal

You can also remove proposals shown here by clicking on Remove proposal from award next to the proposal. If you added a proposal by mistake, you should also change the proposal's status back to what it was before.