Distributing an Award

Distributing an Award allows you to add accounts to the award and (optionally) distribute funds into any accounts you add to show how the money will be allocated. The number of accounts you create depends on how your institution chooses to allocate tthe award money.

The easiest way to find an award that is in need of distribution is to click the number to the right of Awaiting Distribution in the Award Setup bucket on the Award Admin screen.

  1. When you find the award that you want to distribute, click the Award number.
  2. Click the Distributions tab.
  3. Click Distribute Award. This will bring up the Award Distribution window:

  4. Enter the amount you wish to distribute into each account. For your convenience, the total award amount is displayed at the top of the Award Distribution screen. The sum of distributions must equal the award amount.
  5. Click Distribute Award.

You cannot distribute funds into a temporary account. It must first be converted to be an Active regular account.

You can change the way that funds for the Award are distributed using the Revise Distribution button on the Distributions tab. This will bring up the Award Distribution window again:

For a revision, you must move funds from one account to another, while keeping the total funds the same. Use the minus sign (negative number) to indicate moving money out of an account.

When you've finished, click Revise Award to save your changes.