Creating an Account

Generally, accounts are set up on individual awards. To find the Award you want to set up an account for, you can browse the Award buckets or search for the Award.

Once you've found the award:

  1. Click the Distributions tab to set up an account.
  2. Click Add Account.
  3. Enter the account number you wish to use in the Account No. box. This is the number that identifies the account in your financial system.
  4. Click Search. This helps verify that you are not going to create a duplicate account. If the account number already exists, you'll see it in the search results, and you can select that account rather than creating a new one.
  5. If the account does not exist yet, click Create New Account. You'll see the Add Account popup:

  6. Only a few of the fields for Accounts are required. Status is required, so in the Status drop-down menu, select Active.
  7. Enter an F&A Rate in the lower right:

  8. Complete additional fields if desired. If you're adding an account to an Award that doesn't have any distributions yet, you'll be able to select the Type: Prime, Non-Working Prime or Sub. Usually the first account on an Award is a Prime account. You should only select Sub if you plan to add another Prime account later. See Guide to Account Fields for more information.
  9. Click Add Account when you've entered all the relevant information.

Note that setting up an account requires full Award Admin rights. Administrators with Preliminary Award rights are limited to the creation of Temp Accounts.

Temp Accounts

Creating a Temp account is almost identical to the process above.

  1. After arriving on the Distributions tab, click Add Temp Account rather than Add Account.
  2. There is no requirement to search for the account number, so you'll immediately see the Add Account dialog.
  3. Enter an account number. If you don't yet know the final account number, you can use a temporary numeric designator such as 00000.
  4. Enter the early award amount into the Amount on Account field.
  5. Set the status of Account to either be Preliminary or Set-Up in Progress. The F&A Rate field is not required.
  6. Click Add Temp Account.