Award Budget

When you first enter the Budget tab, the view will be quite different depending on whether or not you imported a budget from the proposal.  If you did not import a budget, under Budget Form No Budget will be selected and you'll only see the award amount you entered when you created the award.  If you want to expand the Award Budget, just select Detailed or Summary from the Budget Form dropdown.

If you did import the budget from a proposal, you'll begin in the Detailed budget view.  This will showcase all the line items from the Budget Period that you selected.  This will also give you the ability to add and remove line items from the Award Budget.  This will not impact the proposal in anyway.

To Add a line item, just select the dropdown Select a Direct Cost line item to add... and choose one of the options.  You can only add one of each line item.  If a line item has already been added to the Award Budget, it will appear purple and will be unselectable.  Once you have selected the category you want to add, you can also associate a dollar amount to it using the box on the right.  Then, just click the plus symbol to add that item to the Award Budget.

To remove an item, just click the red X icon beside any of the line items.  The system will prompt you for confirmation before deleting any items.

At the bottom of the Award Budget, you will find an additional category for the Indirect Costs associated to the Budget.  Both the F&A Base and Rate are editable.  Finally, there will be a Total Award Amount that will add all the line items that you have listed on the Award Budget.