Each type of record in Cayuse SP has an Attachments tab on the main Administration screen. On the Proposal and Subcontract screens, this is represented by a paper clip icon, orange for Proposals () and green for Subcontracts ().

In the Attachments tab you can upload supporting documents, such as amendments, budgets, JIT, and letters of intent.

The process of uploading and managing attachments is essentially the same throughout SP, and is described under adding attachments to the proposal. The main difference is that the Assign Access window on the Administration pages only includes the Admin Office and All Parties rather than distinguishing between different types of approvers and administrators. The process to view, download, or remove existing attachments is the same.

Documents uploaded to a record appear appear both on the record they are entered on, and on related records higher in the record hierarchy. Proposal documents appear at the Proposal, Project, and Award levels if the Proposal is linked to an Award. Award documents appear on the Award and Project, and Project documents only on the Project. At each level, you will see which record each document was attached to.