Searching for Departmental Roles

Cayuse Research Contacts provides the ability to search for roles by Department, so you can find out who handles a particular function or has access to data for a department.

To see the roles for a department:

  1. Click on Cayuse Research Contacts from the main Cayuse Research Suite landing page, under "System Administration Applications".
  2. Under the Department List subheading, click list. An Organizational Chart pop-up window will load listing your institution's Departments.
  3. In the Organizational Chart, click the department number you want to see the role assignments for.
  4. Click View. You'll see the users listed on the left and the Roles on the right:

An IPF approver is a Departmental Approver. See Role Definitions for more information.

To see roles for another Department, the list selection is available below the Departmental contacts.