An AOR is an Authorized Organizational Representative. They either submit the proposal themselves or authorize someone else to do it.


A Breadcrumb is a horizontal chain of links providing the user with context and possibly navigation to any of the links in the chain. See: Hansel and Gretel.

Calculation field

A calculation field derives its information from one or more other fields. Calculated fields are automatically computed while you are filling in the form. These fields are recalculated each time you enter data into a related or linked field. Many of the calculated fields permit you to overwrite their calculated entries. In those fields where overwriting is permitted, a red asterisk will appear next to the field indicating that you have over-written it. If you overwrite a calculated field, the information in that field will not be updated when you change the information in other, related fields. This can cause your final values to be wrong! Use caution when overwriting calculated fields.

Checkbox field

A checkbox field operates like an On-Off switch. When "On", it appears as a box with an X in it; when "Off", it appears empty. To mark a checkbox, click it with your mouse. You cannot move into it by using the Tab key. Some checkboxes are also radio buttons.

Currency field

A currency field allows you to enter only numbers. To display $10.00, you would enter a value of 10. To display $10.99, you would enter 10.99.


Most of us associate a form with a printed document with blank spaces to be filled in, such as an application for employment. A Cayuse 424 electronic form is essentially the same, except that before it is filled-in, the form starts out on a computer screen rather than on paper.


A field is a blank space or area on a form where you may enter information or data. Each field on a Cayuse 424 form has been designed to accept certain types of data, and to handle those data in a specific way.

General Field

General Fields accept any type of data: letters, numbers, special characters, punctuation, or a mixture thereof.


An institution has an entry in the Institutional profile database which includes enough information to allow submission of proposals by that institution. This information can be AutoFilled into proposals. If you are submitting proposals with multiple budgets, you may need multiple institutional profiles.


A percentage field allows you to enter only numbers. Percentages must be typed using this format: XY.Z%.


Cayuse 424 contains a professional profile database which includes enough information to add a person to a proposal. This information can be AutoFilled into proposals.

Pre-Award Admin

Pre-Award Admin is a Cayuse 424 role usually held by staff in the central Research office. These users have additional privileges in the system. The exact privileges depend on the settings in the Institutional Preferences.

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are groups of two or more mutually exclusive checkboxes. Selecting one option automatically deselects all other options in the group. For example, Item 2 of the PHS 398 has Yes and No radio buttons. To select an option from a group of radio buttons, click it with your mouse.


A Cayuse 424 user has a Cayuse 424 login and password. A user can create and modify proposals. A user may also have a record in the Cayuse 424 Professional Profile database.