Reporting is divided into three major categories: Proposals, Awards, and Projects.

You can view reports on proposal activity, funding rates, awards by department, PI, or sponsor, and other categories. Reports can be exported to Excel to further customize the report data.

All users in Cayuse SP can run all reports, but the ability to see record data that is not shown in the report format is limited to those users with access to that record (usually the Research Team and department personnel).

Accessing Reporting

Click Reporting in the upper navigation bar to view the available reports.

Choose a report by clicking on the report name. This will bring up a new window where you enter the information requested by the report.

Selecting Reporting Criteria

The available reports request information about department, Lead PI, Sponsor, or Sponsor Type. In the new window that appears, click the magnifying glass icon next to the relevant field to select from your institution's departments, people, and sponsors.

If you want to select multiple departments, investigators, or sponsors/sponsor types, you can do so. If a list is displayed with checkboxes, select multiple boxes, or use the box at the top, next to the colunm names, to check or uncheck all the available items. If you are searching for Investigators, search again using the magnifying glass and check the box(es) next to the additional people you'd like to add.

If you are searching Awards by Department, you can choose whether you want to search for Award Admin departments, Lead PI home (Appointment) departments, or both.

Department Code

Department reporting is done by looking up the Department Code. If the code has changed, the reports will not be able to find data that uses the old code.

Date Range

Adjust the date range of the query as desired. Click the calendar icon to modify a date. Dates are not required, and if omitted, the search will cover all dates.

Depending on the type of record, the date range selector looks for slightly different criteria. This is noted in the report description:

  1. The date picker on Proposal reports searches for proposals with a Proposal Approved status history record between the dates you specify.
  2. The date picker on Award reports searches for awards with an Award Begin Date between the dates you specify.
  3. The date picker on Project reports searches for projects that are active for some period of time between the dates you specify.

Once you are happy with your criteria, click View Report. The report will appear in the window.

You can download a report by clicking Export to Excel at the upper left corner of a report's output. You can also sort the report by any column that is underlined. Click once to sort, and again to reverse the sort.

What is shown in reporting?

Proposals, Awards, and Projects must possess certain attributes in order to show in Reporting.

For Proposals:

  • There must be a "Proposal Approved" record in the status history of the proposal
    • This status may have a different name at your institution, but the same behavior applies
  • The proposal must have a Lead Principal Investigator

For Awards:

  • The Reporting Designation must be "Obligated"
  • The Award must have a Begin Date
  • The Award must have a Lead Principal Investigator

For Projects:

  • The project must have a Project Begin Date
  • The project must have a Project End Date