Pre-Award Spending Requests

An investigator or departmental administrator submits a Pre-Award Spending Request to request a preliminary award account for early funding. If the award is not granted as anticipated, the department is obligated to return all used money to the sponsor.

Once the request is submitted, it will be reviewed by administrators from the department and from the school. After the Pre-Award Spending Request has been authorized by these reviewiers, an SP administrator creates a preliminary award account, notifies the Research Account Manager and PI about the new account, and marks the Pre-Award Spending Request as funded.

If you are a researcher or someone with Proposal Data Access in the Department, you can submit Pre-Award Spending Requests for any proposal you have access to once the proposal has reached an appropriate routing status.

To authorize a Pre-Award Spending Request, you must be a Pre-Award Spending Approver in Cayuse Research Contacts. You can access pending requests through your Pre-Award Spending Inbox.

For more information about the Pre-Award Spending Approver role, see Role Definitions in the Research Contacts System Admin Manual.