Proposals In My Dept

Access proposals for administering departments to which you have been assigned Proposal Data Access. (See Research Contacts for a complete listing of role assignments in your department.)

The dashboard displays information about the proposals in your department, including the proposal number, project name, department, and sponsor. It also shows when they were submitted and what the status is. If the proposal has not yet been submitted for routing, there will not be a date in the Submitted column. Paired proposals are shown with the pairing icon, which you can click to view the associated Cayuse 424 proposal.

You can sort the listing by clicking on the columns. Click once to sort, and again to reverse the sort.

From the dashboard, you can view the proposal record and associated attachments either by clicking the proposal number (Prop No) or by clicking the PDF icon to the right to review the summary form. You can also copy the proposal to form the basis of a new proposal.

If the proposal is in an appropriate routing status, you can also prepare a Pre-Award Spending Request or view the award information (if you also have Award Data Access for the department or proposal).