Pre-Award Spending Inbox

Your Pre-Award Spending Inbox allows you to review, approve, and track Pre-Award Spending Requests in departments for which you are a Pre-Award Spending Approver in Cayuse Research Contacts.

The yellow To Be Authorized tab shows those requests awaiting your review. To access the IPF and review the associated proposal, click the Project Title. To view the Pre-Award Spending request information for review, click Manage. See Authorizing or Rejecting a Pre-Award Spending Request for information on review actions.

If a preliminary account has been created by an SP administrator, it will show under Account. The current review status shows under Dept Authorized and Dean/Chancellor Auth.

Requests you have already taken action on are under the green Previously Reviewed tab. The tabs are similar, except that a previously-reviewed request can only be viewed using the PDF icon; no further action can be taken.