My Proposals

The My Proposals dashboard allows you to edit and track unsubmitted and submitted proposals that you created or are named on as a contributing member. The number to the left of My Proposals in the dashboard list indicates the number of proposals in progress, if any.

Unsubmitted proposals are shown by default, under the yellow tab on the left. Submitted proposals are shown under the green tab to the right.

Unsubmitted Proposals

When you're viewing Unsubmitted proposals, you'll see pairing icons for those proposals that are paired. Click the icon to see the corresponding Cayuse 424 proposals. To the right of the list, you'll also see links to Edit the proposals or, if you are the owner, to Copy or Delete them:

Clicking Edit or clicking the proposal number (Prop. No.) will take you to the proposal, where you can make modifications. (Proposal numbers are automatically generated. The number preceding the hyphen indicates the fiscal year. The number following the hyphen is a sequential number assigned by Cayuse SP.)

The Role column indicates what role you have on the proposal (e.g., Lead Principal Investigator, Research Assistant, Fellow, etc.). Owner means you created the proposal. You can only copy or delete a Unsubmitted proposal if you are its owner. Proposal deletion cannot be undone. If the SP proposal record is paired with a 424 proposal, the 424 proposal will not be deleted.

The other columns provide information about the proposal. The date it was created, its name, the Sponsor (Funding Agency), and the deadline come from the General Info section of the proposal.

By clicking on the column names, you can sort the list of proposals by these columns to more easily find proposals or determine which proposals are most in need of attention. Click once on the column name to sort, and again to reverse the sort.

If you click Copy, Cayuse SP will make a copy of the selected proposal. The original proposal will not be altered. The new proposal will be assigned a different proposal number, and not all information will be copied into it. See Copying a Proposal to learn which items are copied into the new proposal.

Submitted Proposals

In addition to the information displayed for Unsubmitted proposals, Submitted proposals show their current Status, which indicates where the proposal resides in the routing process.

Submitted proposals are not editable, so clicking on the Proposal Number (Prop No) will show you the proposal's routing status rather than taking you to edit the proposal. On the right of the table, people with any role on the proposal will see the Copy link rather than an edit link. The PDF icon next to the Copy link will display the proposal information in PDF format.