Dept Approval Inbox

Your Dept Approval Inbox allows you to review, authorize, and track proposals in departments for which you are an IPF Approver. The number of proposals requiring your authorization (if any) is displayed to the left of the Dept Approval Inbox.

Proposals that have not yet been reviewed by someone from your department will appear under the yellow To Be Authorized tab to the left. Proposals that have already been reviewed by someone from your department will appear under the Previously Reviewed tab.

In both tabs, the list shows the proposal number, which you can use to view the routing status and authorize or reject the proposal, along with the proposal's Lead PI, department, project name (short name), sponsor, and deadline. If the proposal is paired, click on the pairing icon next to the proposal number to view the associated Cayuse 424 proposal. To the far right, you can generate a PDF copy of the proposal for review using the PDF icon.

By clicking on the column names, you can sort the list of proposals by these columns to more easily find proposals or determine which proposals are most in need of attention. Click once on the column name to sort, and again to reverse the sort.

If the proposal has not been reviewed, you'll see whether the PI has certified or not on the right under PI Cert. If it has been, you will see the departmental decision (Authorized or Rejected) and the current proposal status.