Creating a Proposal

To create a proposal, click Start New Proposal on your Proposal Dashboard or under the My Dashboard menu.

This will take you to the Start New Proposal screen to fill out the General Info for the proposal, including funding source, project dates, title, and administrative information. After entering the basic information about the proposal, you can pair it with a Cayuse 424 proposal, or just click Save at the bottom of the page to save it and proceed to the other sections of the proposal. The list of proposal sections that you see to the left of the page is called the Item List:

The double red arrow indicates the section of the Item List you're currently on.

The names of sections in the Item List, and whether a section is present, may vary depending on your institution. If you have any questions on this, please contact your Central Admin Office.

You'll see a green check mark () next to General Info in the Item List, indicating that you have provided all the required information for this section. The Submission Notes section is entirely optional and is the only other section that will have a green check mark as soon as the proposal is saved.

If the proposal is paired, you'll see the pairing icon in the Item List header, and the Cayuse 424 Proposal element in the Item List:

Throughout the proposal, an asterisk (*) indicates that a question is required, and must be answered before the page can be saved. In most cases, if you try to save the page without answering a required question, you will see a message in red at the top of the page that tells you which questions you still need to answer.

When you see a magnifying glass icon next to a field, that field is a lookup field. Click the icon, and a pop-up window will appear allowing you to search your institution's People, Departments, and Sponsors (from the Cayuse Backbone). If you are searching by name or title, you can generally enter just the beginning part of the name to find what you need.

Click an item below for information about that section of the proposal record.