Awards are the records in SP that indicate that a proposal has been successfully funded and track the distribution of the funding to the Research Team. Awards are set up and managed by the Central Admin Office and accessible to the Research Team.

If you are a PI, you can see awards where you are listed as a member of the Research Team in your My Awards dashboard. Individuals with Award Data Access for a department will see awards for the department under Awards in My Dept.

If you're looking for Awards associated with a particular proposal, first, view the routing status of the proposal. You can see the awards for a proposal on the Awards tab of the Proposal Routing Status screen.

The information for an Award is shown on the Award Administration screen. The top section shows the most basic information about the award: its number in Cayuse SP, the award amount and primary account (if any), the project title, the date it was last updated and the administrative contact information.


The tabs below each show a category of information about the Award:

General: Additional information about the award, including the reporting designation as anticipated or obligated and the begin and end dates. This section also includes the Official Report Date, which is the date the Award was issued. This date is used to determine which Awards are Recent according to the My Awards and Awards in My Dept dashboards.

People: Investigators and other personnel affiliated with the award. The personnel and their effort carry forward from the proposal record when an award is created based on a proposal. Click a person's name to view his or her contact details. The plus sign to the left shows any historical changes to this information.

Budget: Budget details for the associated Award.

Distributions: Subdivisions of the award into various accounts. Distributions are how Accounts become connected with Awards. See Distributions and Accounts for more information.

Proposals: Proposals affiliated with the award. Click a proposal number to view the proposal's routing status.

Notes: Add or view comments. Notes entered here appear at the Project and Award levels, and are visible to everyone who can see the award: members of the Research Team, departmental users with Award Data Access, and administrators.

Attachments: Upload supporting documents. Attachments may include agency authorizations, revisions, award notices, progress reports, sponsor guidelines, and other documents. Other than Notes, Attachments are the only part of the Award that can be modified by the Research Team.

The process of uploading attachments is similar to the process used elsewhere in SP. Select a file using Browse, select a Document Type, and click Next. Documents uploaded here appear at the Project and Award levels.