User Management

The User Management area provides the ability to manage user access to administrative functions in Cayuse SP. Only Global Admins can see the User Management function in their Admin menu.

There are two tabs: the Admins tab and the Read-Only tab.

Users on the Read-Only tab may access proposals and awards through Proposal Admin and Award Admin, but they cannot alter any data unless they are specifically listed on a proposal.

Users listed on the Admins tab have the ability to modify some or all data in SP. The possible permissions are:

  • Global: Unrestricted access to every function in SP. This includes User Management, Program Administrators, Email Admin, Database Logs, as well as all privileges below.
  • Preliminary Award: Add and edit awards (Account creation limited to Temp Accounts).
  • Award: Add and edit awards.
  • Document Access: Add and delete attachments on any record.
  • Proposal Edit Access: Modify data in any proposal record in SP regardless of the proposal record's status.

You can add new administrators and modify the privileges of existing administrators.