Understanding Roles and Permissions

Cayuse SP has a variety of user and administrative roles, allowing people to have access to the appropriate records. Understanding the user types will assist you in system management and user guidance.


Ordinary users, such as PIs and the Research Team, have access to individual SP Proposal and Award records where they are named, or Proposal records that they have created (if your institutions allows ordinary users to create proposals).

Being named on a proposal record implies:

  • Write access to the proposal record before routing.
  • Read access to the proposal record during and after routing.

Being named on an award implies:

  • Read access to the award, project, account(s), subcontract(s), and proposal record(s).

The creator of a particular proposal has enhanced rights, such as the ability to delete the proposal. See My Proposals in the SP User Reference Manual for more information.

Departmental Admins

Departmental Admins such as the Chair, Dean, or their Delegates can view departmental records and take actions on them based on their specific role. Most of these roles are assigned in Research Contacts and detailed definitions are provided in the Research Contacts System Admin Manual.

  • IPF Approver
  • Pre-Award Spending Approver
  • Award Data Access
  • Proposal Data Access
  • Research Account Manager
  • Role Manager
  • Program Administrator

Program Administrators are defined in Cayuse SP. See Program Administrators for details.


Administrators in the Central Admin Office can view all records, and take actions on them based on their specific role.

Global Admins have access to all functions within Cayuse SP. Read-Only Admins may see everything, but may only edit records they have created or are named on. Although Read-Only Admins may see proposal pairing actions, they cannot pair and unpair proposals they are not named on.

Others may edit certain types of records, such as Preliminary Awards, Awards, or Proposals, or make certain changes, such as attaching or removing Documents from a record.

To learn more about administrative roles and how they are assigned, see User Management.

Research Suite Administration

In addition to permissions within Cayuse SP, it's common for administrators to be granted permissions in other modules. Permissions to view or manage people, departments, and sponsors in Backbone are granted within Backbone. You can also grant 'global' Backbone access, which additionally provides administrative access to Research Contacts and Workflow.