Proposal Administration

Proposal Admin provides a high-level glance into pre-award operations at your institution, allowing you to browse and search for proposal records for review and approval. If you need to create a proposal, see Creating a Proposal in the User Reference Manual.


Proposals are grouped into buckets, visual categories that show where proposals exist in the various stages of internal routing. Proposals in development start out in the Unsubmitted bucket, and move linearly through the following buckets as they progress through the routing process, flowing down the left side first, before Admin Office approval, and then down the right side, during Admin Office review.

Buckets are a quick way for you to locate a proposal if you know what the proposal status is.

  • Unsubmitted: Holds proposals in development that have not been submitted for routing. Also holds proposals that have been rejected during review and must be re-reviewed (Reopened).
  • Departmental Routing: Holds proposals going through the departmental approval process (Dept Approval In Process) that are still awaiting PI certification and/or departmental approvals.
  • Admin Office: Proposals that have finished the departmental approval process and require review by the Central Admin Office (Admin Office in Process).
  • Admin Office Review: Proposals that have been assigned to a particular Proposal or Contract Specialist for review (PS Review or CS Review). This bucket is optional.
  • Post Approval: Proposals approved by the Admin Office, now making their way through stages of post-approval routing (all other statuses).

The names of the statuses may vary depending on your institution's business process for proposal review.

If you can't find the proposal are looking for in the buckets, you can search for the proposal.