Cayuse SP is designed to allow the electronic creation, tracking, and management of proposals and awards along with other aspects of research operations. Directed proposal development, electronic approval systems, and easy access to reporting foster research collaboration for research enterprises of all sizes. Cayuse SP provides a framework that helps research managers track and report on the activity at every level of the research organization.

By responding to questions about sponsors, subcontractors, compliance, export control, and other institution-specific questions, proposal creators cover the required areas of proposal development quickly and effectively.

Administrators can review all the relevant data and oversee Central Admin Office operations such as post-approval routing and award, account, and subcontract setup.

SP offers configurable levels of administrative access, allowing you to define roles for Central Admin Office personnel that match your existing business processes.

SP interacts with other modules in the Cayuse Research Suite, including Backbone, Research Contacts, Workflow, 424, IRB, and IACUC. These integrations enable administrators to:

  • Populate people, departments, sponsors, and other institutional data on the fly
  • Assign privileges to view or authorize proposals and awards
  • Build dynamic workflows
  • Link an SP proposal record to a Cayuse 424 proposal
  • Link an SP proposal record to a human or animal subjects application

Administrative rights in the other modules are managed separately from SP.

The following topics cover everything you need to know about managing pre- and post-award administrative operations in Cayuse SP.