An account in Cayuse SP is a record of expenditures pertaining to an award. Accounts are set up at the Award level and contain user-defined distributions. An account number is manually entered to correspond with an actual account in your financial system. There is no integration between SP and third party financial software.

Approving Person

A person with signing authority in your Central Admin Office.


An approved stipulation of funds to carry out a research project. An award is attached to a single Project and may contain one or more distributions.

Cayuse 424

Proposal development and electronic submission solution in the Cayuse Research Suite.

Contract Specialist

A contract/award reviewer in your Central Admin Office.


A specific back-office task that an administrator records or assigns with regard to a proposal, project, award, or subcontract.


The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is designated to approve, monitor, and review research studies involving animal subjects. Cayuse offers a web based solution called Cayuse IACUC that allows IACUC administrators to manage compliance, training, and reporting for IACUC applications and studies.


An Internal Processing Form (IPF) is a PDF transmittal sheet containing all the data entered into the proposal record. Electronic certifications and authorizations are recorded on the IPF.

IPF Approver

An IPF Approver is an individual designated with signing authority to review and authorize proposal records on behalf of their department. All IPF Approvers for a given department receive an email notifying them when a proposal requires review, but only one IPF Approver must authorize the proposal record to fulfill the departmental approval requirement.


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee designated to approve, monitor, and review research studies involving human subjects. Cayuse offers a web based solution called Cayuse IRB that allows IRB administrators to create, customize, submit, and manage IRB applications and studies.


A personal identification number for faculty, staff, students, and other associates.

Pre-Award Spending Request

A Pre-Award Spending Request is a document used to request a preliminary award account for early funding. If the award is not granted as anticipated, the department is obligated to return all used money to the sponsor.

Program Administrator

A Program Administrator is a departmental Award Manager in your Central Admin Office. This descriptive title assumes no functionality or special privileges in Cayuse SP.


A specific study in Cayuse SP that holds awards and subcontracts.

Proposal record

An internal copy of proposal data comprised of institution-specific questions pertaining to the research study.

Proposal Specialist

A proposal reviewer in your Central Admin Office.


A Cayuse SP user has a SP login and password. An administrator determines what level of access a user will have in SP.