Award Administration

Central Admin Office staff with Preliminary Award or Award privileges can create Awards and create and manage related records in Cayuse SP. The post-award hierarchy in SP consists of Projects, Subcontracts, Awards, and Accounts (Distributions). The relationship between these records is described in the SP User Reference Manual.

On the Award Admin screen, awards, subcontracts, Pre-Award Spending Requests, and pending accounts are grouped into internal routing buckets.

Award Buckets

Unlike the Proposal buckets, which track routing progress, items on this screen do not flow in a linear fashion. Each bucket holds a different type of record, and the display for each record type is a little different, but each one shows basic information about the records in the bucket, and allows you to click the record number to go through to the record, as well as allowing you to sort the results by clicking the column headers (once to sort, twice to reverse the sort).

  • Post Approval: Proposals signed off by your institution. This is the same bucket that appears on Proposal Admin, except that some of the pre-award statuses are hidden (i.e., Not Funded, Pending Award, Funded/Preliminary, and Withdrawn) because items with these statuses are not yet relevant to post-award tasks in SP. This bucket holds proposals; to get to the Awards, click the Awards tab once you've found the proposal you want.
  • Pending Subcontracts: Outgoing subcontracts. The statuses are set manually by a post-award administrator on the Subcontract Administration screen.
  • Account Requests: Pre-Award Spending Requests for preliminary funding. Some statuses are set automatically; others are set manually.
    • Not Authorized: Request submitted but not yet reviewed by the department and/or school. Status set automatically.
    • New: Department and school have both authorized the request. Status set automatically.
    • Extension: Authorized but not yet funded request for a Pre-Award Spending extension. Status set automatically.
    • Funded: Administrator creates Temp Account and manually sets this status.
    • Deleted: Administrator manually sets this status to indicate a closed or inactive request.
  • Award Setup: Awards that have been set up but not yet distributed into accounts.

If you're not sure where your record is, you can search for it.

Create Project

The Create Project link, located in the upper right of the Award Administration screen, was designed for after-the-fact proposals. It enables administrators to create a new standalone project without having to associate the project with an existing award or proposal record.

You can also use this function to create a Project for a proposal that has just been awarded, but which has different Project Start and Project End Dates from the current proposal. By default, when a project is created from a proposal, the Project Begin Date and Project End Date are autofilled from the proposal. If those dates are incorrect, but you want to maintain the historical proposal data, create a project first, then associate the award with the project you created. This will also ensure that the FY prefix is correctly assigned, since it is normally assigned from the Project Begin Date, as described in Understanding Awards and Projects.