Managing Subcontracts

Outgoing subcontracts are created at the project level.

To find a subcontract, you can browse the Pending Subcontracts bucket on the Award Admin screen. If you aren't sure of the status, you can search for search for the Project as described under Managing Projects, then click the Subcontracts tab and the desired Subcontract number.

The top of the Subcontract Administration screen displays basic information about the subcontract:

  • Subcontract No: Auto-generated sequential number beginning with the project number. Click View Project to return to the project level.
  • Program Administrator: The Award Manager designated to the administering department.
  • Amount: Outgoing award amount as entered in the General tab of the subcontract.
  • Status: Approval status as indicated on the General tab of the subcontract.
  • Last Updated: Date and time when the subcontract record was last modified.

The Events, Notes, and Attachments tabs in the bottom section of the page are common across all records. Consult each page for more information about these items.

On the General tab, you can edit the information for the subcontract. Click Save Subcontract Details to save your changes.

Click Delete Subcontract to delete the subcontract. Deletion is permanent, so be sure you really want to delete the record before confirming.

Click Add New Amendment to amend a subcontract for a time extension, new budget, new scope of work, or other change. A dialog will pop up allowing you to change the relevant fields. Click Create Amendment to create the Amendment.

Amendments cannot be deleted independently of the Subcontract itself, but you can continue to edit the subcontract amendment if you need to change the information.