Managing Projects


A project represents a specific research study, and holds all the related records, including the awards, accounts, personnel, subcontracts, Events, and documents. Proposals are linked to a project through associated Awards.

Most searches for Awards actually return Projects, including searches by Project Number, Department, Sponsor, and Investigator or Lead PI. Click the Project Number in search results to view the Project.

You can also search for a proposal to find a project. Once you find the proposal you want, click the proposal number to go to the Proposal Admininstration screen, then click the Awards tab. Click Go to Project to the right of the award to view the project.

The top of the Project Administration screen shows basic information about the project, including the project number, title, dates, total amounts (divided into anticipated and obligated amounts), and Lead PI, as well as the administrator assignments.

If there is a Prime Account listed for the project, this number is the Prime Account on the most recent Award increment for the project. The Project title is generally taken from the title of the original proposal.

The Project Administration screen has nine tabs:

The Events, Notes, and Attachments tabs are common across all records. Consult each page for more information about these items.

General: Shows basic information for the project and allows you to edit the information or delete the project.

Awards: View and manage project awards and set up additional awards.

Accounts: View Accounts with distributions for all awards on the project. Click the plus icon to the left of a Prime account to view Sub accounts. Click the Account Number to view the Account.

Personnel: Investigators and other personnel affiliated with the newest award. Personnel entries come from the Award and cannot be modified here. You can add or modify personnel entries on the People tab of the award. Click Awards and select the most recent Award.

Proposals: Proposals linked to the Project through its Awards. Click a proposal number to manage the proposal.

Subcontracts: Prepare and manage outgoing subcontracts. The small document icon to the right of the Subcontract Number allows you to download the FDP Research Subaward Agreement document for the Subcontract. Some information from the Subcontract and Award will be automatically filled into this document.