Managing Awards

An Award is attached to a single project and may be related to one or more Proposal records. Each Award usually represents an award increment, so multiple awards will be connected to each project.

To find an award, you can search for the Award, or browse the Award Buckets on the Award Admin screen.

You can also search by proposal. Once you find the right Proposal, click the Awards tab and click on the Award Number.

Viewing an Award

When you are viewing an Award, the top of the Award Administration screen shows basic information about the award, including the Award Number, Sponsor Award Number, Project Title, Amount, Prime Account (if any), and administrative contacts.

It also shows who last updated the Award. This date reflects the last time that the award information on the General tab (see below) was updated.

This screen is similar to the Award Administration screen for regular users, but also offers the ability to change the award information, create Accounts and distribute funds into them, and manage Events and documents related to the award.

Some of the data shown, including the Amount, Prime Account, and Sponsor Award Number, comes from the Award, while items such as the Project Title and Primary Admin Contact come from the Project.

Click View Project to see the Project the Award is attached to. Click Award Coversheet to generate a summary page for the current award.

There are seven Award tabs providing access to different Award functions:

Award Budget

The Events, Notes, and Attachments tabs are common across all records. Consult each page for more information about these items.

General: Shows other important data about the award. Admins with Award or Premliminary Award privileges can edit the award information here, use the Nest Award function to attach an obligated award to its anticipated counterpart, or delete the Award.

People: Investigators and other personnel affiliated with the award. The personnel and their effort flow from the proposal record. People listed on this tab have read-only access to the award via My Awards. You can add add or modify personnel entries much like those on a proposal.

Budget: Budget information affiliated with the award.  Budget data can be imported from a proposal or it can be entered manually on the Budget tab.

Distributions: View Award funds and their distribution into accounts. You can add an account or temp account, or distribute the award funds into Accounts.

Proposals: Proposals affiliated with the award. You can add or remove proposals on this tab.