Creating a Preliminary Award

An preliminary award is created when an investigator or departmental administrator has submitted a Pre-Award Spending Request to request a preliminary award account for early funding. If the award is not granted as anticipated, the department is obligated to return all used money to the sponsor.

A preliminary Award should only be created after the Pre-Award Spending Request has been authorized by an administrator from both the department and school.

For instructions on preparing a Pre-Award Spending Request, please see Pre-Award Spending Requests in the Cayuse SP User Reference Manual.

The process for setting up the Award is the same for preliminary awards as it is for creating regular awards. Simly search for and select the correct proposal, and create the award. Generally such awards will be added to a new Project.

After setting up the Award, create a Temp Account on the award. This is almost identical to the process for creating a regular account, but take note of the minor differences shown at the bottom.

When you've completed this process, you can notify the departmental Research Account Manager and PI about the new account and mark the Pre-Award Spending Request as Funded.