Creating an Award

After a proposal has been routed and submitted to the Sponsor, when an award notice comes in, Central Admin Office staff with Preliminary Award or Award privileges can create an Award associated with the Proposal in Cayuse SP.

Adding an Award to a Proposal requires a Project to connect the two. The Project represents the research study, and servers as a "container" for the proposal, any subsequent proposals, and any subsequent awards, as well as associated accounts and subcontracts. If it's helpful, you can think of the project as the big accordion folder that holds all the smaller files for the proposals, awards, and subcontracts.

To create an award, first browse or search for the proposal you want to add the award to.

  1. Click the Proposal Number in the bucket or search results. The Proposal Administration screen will load.
  2. Click the Awards tab.
  3. Click Add Award.
  4. If there are existing projects for the Proposal's Lead PI, you'll see a list of those projects, and can select an existing project to add the Award to by clicking Select to the right of the project title. You should only add the Award to an existing Project if the proposal and award are part of an existing research study.
  5. Otherwise, click Add Award to New Project. When you create a new project to hold an award linked to a proposal, the proposal's project title is copied into the Project, along with the project dates. The FY prefix of the project will be determined by these dates, as described in Understanding Awards and Projects.
  6. If you want to copy one Period of the Proposal's budget to the Award, select Copy one period and select the period you want to move over.  Otherwise, select Don't copy the budget and enter the Award Amount.
  7. In either case, choose a reporting designation, and specify when the award notification or assurance of funding arrived.  You can also enter a Sponsor Award Number and Official Report Date
  8. Click Add Award.

You'll arrive on the Award Administration screen. At this point we would recommend adding the Award Begin Date and Award End Date under the General tab, as these fields are required if you want to make any changes later.

Additional awards can also be added to Projects that have already been set up. To create an Award from an existing Project, in Step 1, find and view the Project rather than searching for the proposal.

After creating an Award, you may want to create an account and distribute the award.