Database Logs

This mechanism alerts system administrators about successful login attempts and provides a history of every email that Cayuse SP has sent. It allows for basic system monitoring of SP. Other technical information is available, but administrators are not expected to interpret database or software errors. The technical data proves most useful to Cayuse Technical Support while troubleshooting your deployment of SP. Please contact Cayuse Technical Support to report a recurring error or other odd behavior in SP.

Let's take a closer look at the interface.

Database Logs

Log Type: Choose a category of logs to view.

  • ALL: All Errors and Events
  • Error: A problem the software encountered while performing an action
  • Event: A specific, non-critical action

Log Area: Filter the Log Type based on the nature of the alert.

  • ALL: All alerts specified below
  • Email Templates: System generated notifications that get triggered but fail to send
  • Init: Failed database queries, timeouts, and other software errors
  • Login: Successful logins (Unsuccessful attempts are not logged at this time)
  • Email Out: System generated notifications that failed to send due to lack of recipient

Max Records: Specify the maximum number of items to display. This function does not provide arrows to navigate to subsequent pages. Instead, the entire output is limited to the number of items you choose. Using a small range works well if you are concerned only with recent activity.

Email Logs

View all emails sent from SP. This includes routing requests and certifications, account setup notifications, and Pre-Award Spending certification requests. Emails are displayed in reverse chronological order. Click View Email to see the contents of a particular message, including the To, From, and Subject lines. If somebody was expecting an email and did not receive one, check this area to confirm that an email was actually sent. If an email was sent, verify that the user's Spam or Bulk Mail folders have been examined. While there is no interface for re-sending lost emails, you may copy and paste the body into a new message in your email client and send to the appropriate personnel.