Cayuse 424 Release Notes

Below is a history of enhancements, changes and bug fixes in Cayuse 424.

Cayuse 424 v6.1 - 09/20/2014


Opportunity List

  • Updated the opportunity list to look like the proposal list. Multi-project opportunities have an icon to expand them, allowing you to view and create proposals for the individual components. Added highlighting to located search terms when searching the opportunity list.


  • Cayuse 424 now supports PDF attachments with the "application/x-pdf" MIME type.


  • Added the ability to print the full list of proposals from the Proposals tab, including any sorts or filters the user has placed on the list.


  • Added the applicant identifier to the submitted proposal report CSV. Note: You may sort PDF output by the applicant identifier even though it does not actually appear in the PDF.


  • Added support for training subawards, in addition to research subawards. Training subawards may be linked to a PSH-398 Training Subaward Budget Attachment form (version 2.0 only). Note: Importing training subawards from Adobe forms is not supported.


  • Cayuse 424 now supports submitting applications to

User Interface

  • The Proposal and Opportunity lists will now remember which column the user was sorting on in their previous session, and the sort order for that column.
  • Enlarged the proposal list to be full-screen, and added an All selection. The delete icon is no longer cut off when loading it for the first time in Chrome. Additionally, added a bold, red message when the list returns no records.
  • Added lock icons on the Component Attachments screen to indicate when another user is editing a component.


  • When submitting a multi-project application that contains a Research Training Program Plan, the validation now checks to make sure that a maximum of 10 appendices can be attached.
  • When submitting a multi-project application, it now checks to make sure that all unique Senior/Key Persons have a Biosketch.
  • When submitting a multi-project application, the validation now checks to make sure that attachment filenames for the Research Training Program Plan are 36 or fewer characters in length.
  • Changed the error "Error: [Cover Page Supplement 2.6][NIH] If this application is a resubmission of a renewal, an answer to the Inventions and Patents question is probably required" to a warning instead of an error to avoid confusion. This message appears whenever resubmission is checked, and no answer is provided for Inventions and Patents.
  • When validating a multi-project application, uncredentialed Senior/Key Persons are compared by first and last name and by organization to determine uniqueness. Uncredentialed people are considered distinct from credentialed people and will not be compared with them.


Resolved Issues:

(Note: resolved issues now state the original problem rather than the resolution.)


  • When replicating/escalating a budget, if there are no inactive budget periods preceding the selected start period then the replication/escalation values are based on the period 1 values instead of the values from the start period.


  • When the Overall component of a multi-project application is locked by another user (or by the same user in another window/session), the Linked Components page is still editable.


  • Non-administrator users who have been granted explicit permissions to a single component of a multi-project application are able to copy/transform other components which they should not have access to.


  • When submitting a multi-project application, if the Vertebrate Animals sub-component has an empty string for the assurance number (as opposed to being NULL), the project information mapper sends empty tags, violating the submission schema.

User Interface

  • Moving between the overall component and a sub-component of a multi-project application while in read-only mode takes you out of read-only and allows you to edit.
  • Attempting to change a password to one containing fewer than six characters logs the user out instead of allowing them to enter a different password.

Cayuse 424 v6.0.4 - 06/21/2014


  • On Multi-Project components, the Vertebrate Animals assurance number will no longer contain an empty string when not utilized.
  • Budget forms now properly replicate/escalate when a Start Period is selected that is not Budget Period 1.


  • Added new NIH Page Limit Validations on Biosketches for Key People.
  • Added validations for filename length on Multi-Project Applications.
  • Added validations for suffix length for Multi-Project Applications.

Cayuse 424 v6.0.3 - 05/24/2014



  • Multi-Project component groups now have unique identifiers when submitted to the eRA Commons
  • Users with explicit permissions on a linked subaward but not on the associated Prime Proposal can now view the subaward
  • Users with list-only permission in a component can no longer Copy or Transform that component


  • Changed validations for Multi-Project Component's PD/PI to allow for more flexibility. Validations are now:
    • Warning: [KeyPerson PD/PI][NIH] Unless otherwise specified in the FOA, PD/PI Project role should be Other (Specify) and Project Lead for an MP Other Component.
    • Warning: [Budget period 1 A] Unless otherwise specified in the FOA, the Project Role should probably be 'Project Lead' for an MP Other Component.

Cayuse 424 v6.0.1 - 05/09/2014



  • Multi-Project Proposals now successfully submit to NIH when 'Yes' is selected for Foreign Activities on the RR Other Project Info page
  • Resolved rare issue where Proposal List would not sort correctly by Modified Date

Cayuse 424 v6.0 - 04/29/2014



  • Cayuse 424 now supports Multi-Project (Complex) Proposals. Some highlights of this functionality include:
    • Ability to create Overall and Individual Components with Cayuse 424
    • Export and Import of Individual Multi-Project Components
    • Altered validations to accurately follow Agency guidelines for Multi-Project Proposals
    • Submission of Multi-Project Proposals through Cayuse 424 to
  • Principal Investigator can now be indicated during Proposal Creation on any Proposal, even if the form does not have a Principal Investigator option
  • Clicking on the Yellow Submission Lightning Bolt to open a Proposal will open the Proposal in Read-Only Mode
  • Icons have been updated on the Opportunities List for enhanced visual clarity
  • Failed Federal Submissions are now indicated by a red lightning bolt instead of a broken lightning bolt


  • Fixed an issue that some customers were seeing where deadline dates were appearing one day off on the Proposal List
  • Five year Fed/Non-Fed Adobe Subaward Budgets will now import successfully

Validation Updates

  • RR Other Project Information now accounts for cases where Human Subject Assurance Number is listed as 'None'
  • PHS398 Cover Page Supplement disables the Inventions and Patents question unless the application type is Renewal or Revision